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Backpressure valve 19nzh53nzh Du of 80 Ru 40
  • Backpressure valve 19nzh53nzh Du of 80 Ru 40

Backpressure valve 19nzh53nzh Du of 80 Ru 40

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The backpressure valve — the type of protective pipeline fittings intended for prevention of change of the direction of a stream of the environment in technological system.

Backpressure valves pass Wednesday in one direction and prevent its movement in opposite, operating at the same time automatically and being fittings of direct action (along with safety valves and regulators of pressure of direct action). By means of the return fittings various equipment, pipelines, pumps and vessels under pressure is protected, and also it is perhaps essential to limit a leak of a working environment from system at destruction of its site. Importance of function of these devices is that they carry out the task as in the mode of normal operation, for example in case of association of pressure head lines of several pumps in one, on each of them one or several backpressure valves for protection against pressure of the working pump of the others, and in emergencies are installed, for example at emergency pressure drop on one of pipeline sites, on adjacent pressure remains that can lead to formation of the return current of the environment, inadmissible for normal work of system and dangerous to its equipment. Main types of backpressure valves are actually backpressure valves and the return locks, their main distinction — in a lock design (the element blocking an environment stream, saddling), at the first it is carried out in the form of a zolotnik, at the second — in the form of a round disk which often call a zakhlopk.

Backpressure valves as a rule are installed on horizontal sites of pipelines, and locks — both on horizontal, and on vertical sites. In the direction of a stream of a working environment backpressure valves are generally carried out by checkpoints (the direction of a stream in them does not change), but also angular (the direction of a stream changes on 90 °), and locks the return — only checkpoints meet.

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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