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Beam of two-T-shaped steel 30K2 St3
  • Beam of two-T-shaped steel 30K2 St3

Beam of two-T-shaped steel 30K2 St3

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The beam two-T-shaped ("double tee") is the metal rolling reminding a letter "H" in the section. Measured length of beams makes 4 – 12 meters, products are made normal and enhanced accuracy.

Classification of beams two-T-shaped:
On mutual bracing of the edges - with parallel edges or with their bias relatively each other. The second are in addition separated on normal (8239-89 are made in accordance with GOST) or special (them GOST 19425-74 regulates).
On width of the shelf - normal (standard) (a letter of B in marking), wide-shelf (a letter Sh), columned (he can be recognized on a letter To in the name).
On a source material - from carbonaceous or from low-alloy steel.

Special types of double tees - cutting (of one flight of a design) and continuous-solid (one beam on several flights). The second can also be met under the name "multi-span".

The steel two-T-shaped beam is issued in the hot-rolled or welded way from quality steel according to GOST 8239-89. Application of a welded beam is considered more economic, and also allows to reduce mounting terms at the expense of a possibility of production of beams of big length with different types of sections. Besides the welded beam possesses the increased bearing capacity.

Material for production of a beam two-T-shaped: carbonaceous and low-alloy steel.

The beam steel is widely applied in different types of construction: industrial, civil, and also large-panel for creation of overlappings; it is used in bridgeworks, mounting of suspended ways and supporting structures.

Steel beams are used, mainly, for blocking of big flights of industrial and civil buildings (length of 4-18 m).

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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