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Brass tape 0,3x300 L63
  • Brass tape 0,3x300 L63

Brass tape 0,3x300 L63

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The tape brass is a product from a brass alloy with various alloying elements. In particular, by production of such tape copper or zinc can be used. It is the holodnokatany preparation which is applied in various productions. The tape brass is usually delivered in rolls. Depending on physical properties of the used alloys, the brass tape can be firm, soft, semisolid, especially firm and spring and firm. The tape brass is actively used in the electrician, the electrician and in telecommunication branch. It is sometimes simply irreplaceable at production of modern relays and condensers, separators of bearings, caps, resistors and many other radio components. Without brass tapes it is also difficult to present process of production of radiators of many domestic cars today.
The brass tape possesses high corrosion stability, and not only to atmospheric actions: it is capable to keep properties in many active environments and substances. Thanks to it, and also thanks to the fact that the brass tape well gives in to machining it is applied in many spheres of production connected with production of fine details, including - having irregular shape. For production of a tape copper-zinc alloys, at the same time the maintenance of the alloying element of zinc are used there can be about 5-36%. A way of production of a tape - cold rolling according to GOST 2208-91. Alloys of L90, L80, Lmts58-2 and others whose chemical composition is defined by GOST 15527 are used.
Brass tape 0,3x300 L63 available in a warehouse, we carry out delivery across Russia and the CIS countries.

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What it is necessary to know about the BVB-alliance company.
• The delivered metal rolling constantly is available, and is stored "about 2000 tons" in a warehouse.
• Own production of a professional flooring.
• We offer a payment delay "about one month".
• We do everything possible for minimization of terms of processing and delivery.
• We carry out cutting of metal in the size and according to your drawings.
• We provide service of responsible storage in the covered warehouse.
• We offer the loyalty program allowing to receive discounts for purchase, processing or delivery of metal rolling.

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3. High quality of goods
4. Expeditious delivery
5. Loyalty program

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