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Ferrocalcium silicone

CK 15-20-30 silicocalcium
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Ferroalloys — iron alloys with other elements (Cr, Si, Mn, Ti, etc.) which are used mainly for a raskisleniye and an alloying of steel.Conditionally carry also some alloys containing iron only in the form of impurity to ferroalloys (silikokaltion, silikomarganets, etc.), and some metals and...
Group: Ferrocalcium silicone
The wire is calcic injection
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Calcium - the metal of silver-white color which is quickly growing dull on air.Density - 1,55 g/cm3.Hardness according to Brinell is equal to 13,7 kg/mm2.Melting temperature - 850o Page.Boiling temperature - 1487o Page.Metal calcium actively connects to water and moisture of air. At the same time...
Group: Ferrocalcium silicone


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