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Gate 15s22nzh of Du of 80 Ru 40
  • Gate 15s22nzh of Du of 80 Ru 40

Gate 15s22nzh of Du of 80 Ru 40

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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The gate - the regulating and locking device. It is intended for regulation, or full overlapping of streams of liquids, gas, steam.
It is applied in pipelines with streams of liquid and gaseous environments, in systems of heating devices, thermostats, gravitational and one-pipe systems of heating, two-pipe mechanisms of a central heating. It is widely used in cases when great demands are placed on tightness and reliability of blocking of pass.

The basic element of the gate - a lock moves progressively in the direction parallel to a stream of the transported environment by means of system the screw - a running nut. It is necessary to establish them in the situation giving the chance of coincidence of a stream of liquid and an arrow.
Gates have the following advantages in comparison with other types of shutoff valves:
possibility of installation in any situation (horizontal, vertical) and any place of the pipeline;
simplicity of a design, small weight and dimensions;
possibility of work at big sizes of working pressure and high differences of pressure on a zolotnik;
in comparison with latches small course of a zolotnik necessary for full blocking of pass; possibility of use as regulator;
if necessary full tightness of blocking of pass;
any possibility of a water hammer is excluded; application at ultralow and high temperatures of a working environment;
simplicity of repair and service under operating conditions.

At a large number of advantages gates have also some shortcomings: are not applied on Wednesdays with high viscosity and on streams of very polluted working environments, have high hydraulic resistance, giving of a working environment goes only in one direction. On a design of locks gates are subdivided on diaphragm and dish-shaped. On a case design - mixing, through passage, direct-flow, angular. On a way of consolidation of a spindle - bellows-sealed and stuffing. To destination - locking regulating, locking and special. In turn, locking regulating, on a design of throttle devices, are subdivided on needle and with the pro-thinned-out zolotniks.

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Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 11.06.2019
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