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Manganese metal MH965
  • Manganese metal MH965

Manganese metal MH965

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Manganese metal is the solid substance with metal gloss containing not less than 95% of manganese in the structure. By sight it has srebristy color, to the touch – brittle. In fact it is manganese ferroalloy which is used at production of steel and in ferrous metallurgy. The most important property of manganese metal – it promotes removal from steel of impurity, and also possesses ability to allocate it with doping properties.

Manganese use:
1. Manganese in the form of ferromanganese is used for steel "raskisleniye" at its melting, that is for removal of oxygen from it. Besides, it connects sulfur that also improves properties of staly. Introduction to 12-13% of Mn to steel (so-called Hadfield steel), sometimes in combination with other alloying metals, strongly strengthens steel, does it firm and resisting wear and blows (this steel is strengthened and becomes sharply more solid at blows). Such steel is used for production of ball mills, excavating and stone-crushing machines, armored elements etc. About 20% of Mn are entered into "mirror iron".
2. An alloy of 83% of Cu, 13% of Mn and 4% of Ni (manganin) possesses the high resistance which is a little changing with change of temperature. Therefore it is used for production of rheostats and so forth.
3. Manganese is entered in bronze and brass.
4. A significant amount of manganese dioxide is consumed at production of manganese-zinc voltaic cells, MnO2 is used in such elements as an oxidizer depolarizator.
5. Compounds of manganese are also widely applied as in thin organic synthesis (MnO2 and KMnO4 as oxidizers), and industrial organic synthesis (components of catalysts of oxidation of hydrocarbons, for example, in production of terephthalic acid by oxidation of a p-xylol, oxidation of paraffin in higher fatty acids).
6. Arsenide of manganese possesses the huge magnetocaloric effect amplifying under pressure.
7. Manganese telluride perspective thermoelectric material (thermo-e.d.s 500 mkv / To).

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Country of manufacture:Russia
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