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ITM-5 yttrium (Chushka Spit)
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500000 RUB
Yttrium — metal of light gray color. Key properties of yttrium: Exists in two crystal modifications: α-Y with the hexagonal pattern like magnesium (a=3,6474 Å; with =5,7306 Å; z=2; space group P63/mmc), β-Y with a cubic body-centered grid like α-Fe (a=4,08 Å; z=2; space group Im3m); transition...
Group: Yttrium
Chushka Spit ITM-5 yttrium
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7245 RUB
Yttrium — metal of light gray color. Yttrium is the metal possessing a number of unique properties, and these properties substantially define very broad application it in the industry. Metal yttrium is used for production of special alloys. Yttrium considerably increases durability of alloys with...
Group: Yttrium


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